Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Read a compiled list of popular questions about the unitMeasure app

From a design perspective, I'd rather see 50 Inches rather than 50 Inch on my screen. In my opinion, it looks nicer and is more correct than the alternative. But, In the case that a unit appears to be singular, it's usually do to an issue with brevity. The goal is to show as much information that is relevant without cutting off text.

unitMeasure is supported by any device running Android 5.0 Lollipop (API Level 21) and up. The app was tested on many smartphones and tablets alike, meeting this specific device specification. In addition, the app has security features which may limit functionality on rooted devices or if the app is pirated. Contact the developer if you experience any issues.

unitMeasure prides itself in being an offline solution. There are no permissions requested or used whatsoever. In order to update currency information, an internet connection is required. Therefore, unitMeasure cannot have a currency converter by definition. With that being said, we have a web currency converter which you can use!

unitMeasure supports 4 themes including Light, Day, Dark, and Night. The night theme uses true black #000000, and is perfect for AMOLED Screens. The black pixels are shut off completely, unlike in LCD panels, allowing your phone to save even more battery life. The app theme is set independently from the Android Dark Theme in newer versions of the. operating system. In order to choose a different theme, hit the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner of the screen -> Settings -> Themes -> Now select a different theme.

The app supports English, Spanish, German and Dutch. Thank you to Acro, Locomoco, and Dameon Polar for volunteering. If you are interested in helping to translate the app into another language, or notice any translation issues please purchase the app and then join our telegram group: This is exclusive for translators, we have a separate user group:

Of course, unitMeasure supports tablets in addition to smartphones. Additionally, unitMeasure now works in landscape for the majority of conversions. Right now, Programmer Converter is the only activity that doesn't yet support landscape. All you need to do, is set Auto-Rotation to be on, then flip your phone or tablet into landscape view , and it just works!

Unfortunately, piracy is a serious issue and offense. In order to protect the app and it's users, we had to set up some licensing detection. f you believe that you received a false-positive or false-negative result, don't hesitate to: send me a log so I can solve the issue.

If you purchase the app, but uninstall it within 2 hours google play automatically refunds the purchase. On the off chance that the app produces a license dialog, I will gladly help you resolve the issue. If there are any further problems and you are past the 2 hour mark, please contact me through the "Send Feedback" function within the app and I will see what I can do.

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